Science Fair




Caden and Hayden 2017

State Science Fair Results:

Div I Award UM College of Forestry and Conservation - Caden and Hayden

Gold - Caden and Hayden

Silver - Bailey

Bronze - Saige

Gold - Abby and Mikaela

Silver - Jade and Laramie

Bronze - Jasper and Rhett

District Science Fair Results: Hayden and Caden-Purple, Bailey-Blue, Aubrey-Blue, Saige-Blue, Jade and Laramie-Blue, Abby and Makaila-Blue, Rhett and Jasper-Blue, Austin and Daniel-Red, Topanga-Red, Ashley-Red, Payne and Kenidee-Red, and Shayla-Red.

Aubrey 2017
Saige 2017

Jade and Laramie 2017

Makalia and Abby 2017
Jasper and Rhett 2017 Austin 2017 Topanga 2017
Ashley 2017 Payne and Kenidee 2017 Shayla 2017