North Star's 2016-2017
Jobs For Montana's Graduates





Important Dates:
Fall Conference November 1.


About JMG

JMG Mission Statements:
      To provide classroom instruction and work-based learning opportunities to students in grades 9-12 and high school dropouts ages 16-18 which will enhance their career awareness, self esteem, and work readiness.

     To identify young people who can benefit most through participation in JMG and prepare them for meaningful career-oriented jobs, matching the student with community job opportunities and providing long-term follow-up to facilitate the successful transition from school-to-work.

North Star JMG 2016-17


Advisor: Mrs. Marjorie Chinadle
President: Mystic Ferguson-Farinas
Vice President of Social: Chelsea Donaldson
Vice President of Careers: Christian Blackwell
Vice President of Leadership: Bailey Spicher
Vice President of Civic Responsibilities: Grace Farinas
Secretary/Treasurer: Katelyn Hansen

Other Participants:
Chad Donaldson
Ethan Federspiel
Emerie Ridgway
Caden(Ducky) Richey
Austin Hansen



JMG Members of 2016-2017