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Important Dates:
Monday, Jan 15 Regional Competition
March 10- 13, State Competition

North Star BPA Membership

Shayla Borlaug
Ashely Otto
Garret Pedersen
Peter Schaumloeffel
Kenidee Wolery
Olivia King
Hayden Massar
Daniel Nerat
Saige O'Neil
Bailey Spicher
Topanga Watson
Aubrey Welch
Hali Kapperud
Peytan King
Dane Miller
Lily Pedersen


BPA 2018 Group Picture


Advisor: Mrs. Karleen Wolery
President: Dane Miller
Vice President: Peytan King
Secretary/Treasurer: Bailey Spicher
Parlimentarian: Hali Kapperud
Historian/Annual: Garret Pedersen
Voting Delegates: Lily Pedersen and Hayden Massar

BPA Regional Competition Results

Dane Miller:

Administrative Support Concepts-7th

Advanced Accounting-1st

Banking and Finance-1st

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts-1st

Payroll Accounting-2nd

Personal Finance Management-1st

Hali Kapperud:

Administrative Support Concepts-6th

Advanced Word Processing-2nd

Banking and Finance-5th

Legal Office Procedures-2nd

Medical Office Procedures-2nd  

Peytan King:

Administrative Support Team-4th

Advanced Word Processing-5th

Banking and Finance- 8th  

Lily Pederson:

Administrative Support Team-4th

Advanced Accounting-2nd

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures-6th

Banking and Finance-6th

Payroll Accounting-9th  

Olivia King:

Fundamental Desktop Publishing-4th

Intermediate Word Processing-3rd  

Hayden Massar:

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures-5th

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications-2nd

Intermediate Word Processing-1st   

Daniel Nerat:

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures-10th  

Saige O’Neil:

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures-7th  

Bailey Spicher:

Basic Office Systems & Procedures-1st

Intermediate Word Processing-8th

Legal Office Procedures-3rd

Personal Finance Management-2nd  

Topanga Watson:

Fundamental Accounting-6th

Aubrey Welch:

Basic Office Systems & Procedures-3rd

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts-8th

Fundamental Accounting-8th

Personal Finance Management-6th

 Shayla Borlaug:

Fundamental Word Processing-10th  

Ashley Otto:

Economic Research Individual-3rd  

Garret Pedersen:

Basic Office Systems & Procedures-8th

Computer Security/MTA Security Fundamentals-1st

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts-4th

Fundamental Word Processing-5th

Computer Security/MTA Security Fundamentals-1st 

Kenidee Wolery:

Basic Office Systems & Procedures-9th

Fundamental Word Processing-4th

Medical Office Procedures-1st

State Competition Results

Dane Miller
Banking and Finance -8th
Payroll Accounting-1st
Personal Financial Management-7th

Aubrey Welch
Basic Office Systems and Procedures-3rd
Personal Financial Management-6th

Bailey Spicher
Basic Office Systems and Procedures-4th
Legal Office Procedures-10th
Administrative Support Concepts (open)-6th

Kenidee Wolery
Basic Office Systems and Procedures-8th

Hali Kapperud
Legal Office Procedures-3rd

Hayden Massar
Intermediate Word Processing Skills-10th


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