North Star 1st Graders Having Fun Online!!
These are just a few of the sites that we use in the classroom. Have fun!!
***Make a Snowflake
Animal Tracks
***United States Game
***Count Hoot's Math Game
***Crossword Challenge
***Word Family Sort
***Storyline Online
**Star Words
***Spider Body Parts
***More Owls
***Simon Says
***Bingo Card Maker
***Word Search Maker
***Fire Prevention
***Vocabulary Games
***100's Chart
***Word Families
***Plant Test
***The Color Wheel
***Fall Games
***Van Gogh Info and Puzzle
***Plant Parts
***Testing the Parts of Plants
***Connect the Dots
***The Counting Game
***Pattern Blocks
***Sound Match
***What's in the Bag?
***Vocabulary Match Game
***Make a Word
Short and Long Vowels
What Time is it?
2Bee or Nottoobee-Grammar Fun!
Add 'em up
Tic Tac Toe-Telling Time
Word Magnets
Picture Match
Alphabet Organizer
Let's Make Words
Willy the Watch Dog-Telling Time
Little Animals Word Games
Foxy's Dance Game
Story Bear
How to Draw
How the Body Works
The Human Body
Solar System Facts
Froggy Tic Tac Toe
Simple Science
Pizza Party- Fractions
Bear Facts
6 Little Teddy Bears Poem
Printable Calendars and More
Magic Tricks
Online Jigsaw Puzzles
Online Stopwatch
Word Searches
Dolch Reading Lists
Telling Time
Math Dictionary for Kids
Science Activities
Animal Groups
Green Eggs and Ham Puzzle
Songs for Kids
Stop the Clock 1-Time to the hour and half hour
Sop the Clock 2-Time to 15 minutes
Stop the Clock 3-Time to 5 minutes
Stop the Clock 4-Time to the minute
Challengeing Time Game
Telling time(English and Welsh)
Time Teacher
AAA Math-AM and PM Times
Jayzee Ber's Day-What's Happening Day and Night?
Make a Snowflake
Spending Spree
Counting Money
Science Animals
Info About Ducks
Info About Frogs
Simple Truths
*Find the Letter
*Colors and Shapes
*Catch the Apples
*Paper Dolls
*Fish Colors
*Colors Match
*Math Games
Butterfly Lifecycle
Label Plant Parts
Animal Classification
Frog Lifecycle
Soft Schools