Dear Saturday Morning Basketball Parents/Guardians:

It’s that time again! If you are new to the program – welcome! Saturday Morning Basketball is a volunteer program facilitated by North Star Schools and student-athletes in an effort to instill preliminary basketball and life skills into the youth of our community. The program is open to any student interested – not only North Star students. Our expectation is that all participants bring a positive and coachable attitude, and their gym shoes.

Saturday Morning Basketball generally lasts 3 hours – consisting of 45-60 minutes of group warm-up, then Games alternating with Skills and Drills. Our first meeting (Jan. 6th) will only last until 11:00, in order to free up our coaches and the gym for the home contest beginning at noon.

We encourage all participants to attend every week – but know that isn’t always possible. (Even we will be missing a week!) If at all possible, please let us know the dates your child will be gone in advance, so we can plan the teams accordingly.

Half-time opportunity to play at the high school contests will be available on January 6th, January 25th, February 2nd (Rudyard) and February 9th (Gildford). A more detailed schedule will be available early in January.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call (355-4481 ext. 240) or email ( Once again, thank you for trusting your young athletes to us. We recognize it for the privilege it is.


Mr. and Mrs. Campbell