Drama Faces






Mere Mortals- David Ives

Sure Thing- David Ives

Encore- 15 minute Hamlet

Todd Whalen

Assistant Directors: Chelsea Donaldson and Jasmine McAuley

Cast: There will be surprise casting!

Showing Dates: Dress Rehersal on November 16

Full play will be on November 17


Thank you to everyone in the community that helped the drama students with their fundraiser to help buy new drama equipment. We really appreciate all of the help!

This is Mr. Whalen's first year directing here at Northstar and we are glad to have him here. So please come out and support him and the students in their performance on Thursday evening!



The Crenshaw Family Reunion March of 2016

Aunt Sophie (Peyton), holding the Crenshaws hostage.

Cast Members:


Teddy Crenshaw: Kiera Miller

Susan Crenshaw: Sheridan Spicher

Leon Geldmacher: Caden "Ducky" Richey

Vanessa Crenshaw- Geldmacher: Katelyn Hansen

Chuck Crenshaw: Devon Miller

Jeanie Crenshaw: Abbigayl Ridgway

Henry Jr. Crenshaw: Dylan Miller

Thelma Crenshaw: Jewel Wicks

Henry Sr. Crenshaw: Shea Sizemore

Helen Crenshaw: Mercedes Springer

Aunt Sophie: Peytan King

Carol Futzer: Keevan Borlaug